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Saturday 15th May 2021

Chicago Datacenter - USA Central Investigating connectivity issue in Chicago DC

Update5: 17:20pm CST - Issue has been fully resolved. If customers are still experiencing issues with their servers, please contact our support helpdesk for help with troubleshooting.

Update4: Most power has been restored. Electrical crew is currently working on replacing a failed transformer, which is affecting our remaining 2 power circuits. The ETA given to us is 3 hours or 17:00pm CST.

Update3: Most affected systems are now online, we are still working on few affected power circuits.

Update2: Datacenter electricians are currently working on restoring the affected power circuits.

Update1: Issue has been identified to actually be a power failure within the datacenter. We are currently working with the datacenter on restoring power to the affected racks.

Currently investigating a network issue with our Chicago DC causing connectivity and latency issues.